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Tank Museum Quiet mornings

Quiet Mornings at The Tank Museum

Join us for a series of quiet mornings aimed at anyone who would appreciate a calmer visit to The Tank Museum.

From 9am to 11am on 26 March, 17 June, 30 September and 10 December 2023, all sounds and interactives will be turned off to reduce sensory input. This session is primarily for, but not limited to, families of children with autism; young people and adults with autism; children with social, emotional, or mental health needs; adults living with dementia and any other visitors with sensory needs or who may prefer a more relaxed experience.

At 1100 sounds will be switched back on, but visitors are welcome to remain in the Museum for as long as they like.

Sensory Backpacks will also be available from 26 March to borrow from Main Admissions free of charge. Our sensory backpacks are for families and children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Backpacks include ear defenders, magnifying glass, book, squeezy toy, torch, periscope, and Commander Basil bear.

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