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cyanotype shire hall

Cyanotype Printing Workshop at the Shire Hall

Cyanotype printing was used as a technique in the 1850s by the botanist and photographer, Anna Atkins to record all the algae specimens of the British Isles. The original ‘blueprint’ process, it was also an easy way for architects and engineers to copy technical drawings, patents and plans.

In this workshop on Saturday 10 September 2022,  you will be producing botanical Cyanotype prints. You will learn how to light-sensitise paper with the Cyanotype solution, place a mixture of plant materials on top and then expose it to the sun. After washing the paper, you will be left with a beautiful Prussian Blue botanical print.

During the 2hr workshop, you will have the chance to experiment with a variety of leaves, petals, seed heads, etc to produce a series of unique A4 prints that you will want to take home and frame.  All materials are included, although it would be nice for you to bring a selection of plant material from your garden, pressed flat between some sheets of newspaper. Also wear an apron or dark top in case of splashes.

Please note: the chemicals are not harmful to you or the environment when used under normal workshop circumstances.

Tickets are £48pp (includes hot drink and biscuits). To book visit Shire Hall Museum or click here

Also note: the workshop will run in fine weather only.

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