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Tank Museum quiet mornings

Tank Museum Launches Quiet Mornings

The Tank Museum is launching a series of Quiet Mornings to support visitors with sensory needs, starting 26 March.

All sounds and interactives will be turned off between the hours of 9 and 11 and visitors can explore the story of tanks and their crews, and the world’s best collection of armoured vehicles in a quiet, calm environment.

These Quiet Mornings have been designed for adults and children with autism; adults living with dementia; and visitors with sensory needs or who may prefer a more relaxed experience.

Visitor Experience General Manager Rosanna Dean said:

‘As part of our accessibility and inclusion programme at the Museum, we are delighted to offer Quiet Mornings to promote a quiet experience for anyone with sensory processing needs. We look forward to welcoming visitors, who will be able to enjoy our incredible exhibits in a more peaceful setting’.

The Museum has also developed a sensory backpack for children with neurodivergence and special educational needs. Sensory packs will be available to borrow free of charge every day from 26 March.

Tickets can be purchased on the day or pre-booked online from

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