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Tiger 131 Tank Museum

Watch the Tiger 1 tank in action at The Tank Museum’s autumn Tiger Day

See the world’s only running Tiger I tank in action during its last outing of 2022, at Tiger Day on 17 September at The Tank Museum.
Tiger 131 runs only twice a year, on Tiger Day in April and September, and always attracts huge crowds when it does. Visitors will have the chance to see it in action in a 45-minute WW2 tank display, including its ‘Fury’ movie co-star, the Sherman tank ‘Fury’.

As well as an action-packed arena display, including the Panzer III, Comet, Chaffee and more, visitors will be able to get up close to vehicles in the Tank Park and explore military history traders set amongst the Museum collection. 
Tiger Day Tank Museum

Win a ride in the Tiger!

The Tank Museum is also giving Tiger fans the chance to win a ride in its most famous exhibit in a special charity auction, starting on 12 August, and raffle. Two lucky winners will take their seat on 17 September at Tiger Day. 

Museum Curator David Willey said: “Tiger 131 is the famous tank in the world and there are a lot of tank fans who will jump at the chance for a ride in this WW2 icon.”
All profits from the Tiger raffle and Ebay auction will go towards supporting the Museum’s historic tank collection and ensuring that Tiger 131 can be kept in running order for years to come.

Museum Curator David Willey said, “A significant amount of work goes into keeping the Tiger running and it is extremely fragile and liable to faults.

“During the war it took 10 hours of maintenance for every hour the Tiger ran – now it takes the museum staff and engineers an astonishing 200 hours.”

The Tiger tank was a formidable weapon introduced by the Nazis and the capture of 131 allowed the allies to understand exactly what had been unleashed.
Tiger Day Raffle, Premium and Advance tickets are still available. Tickets must be purchased in advance – book online now!

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