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Otter-ly Confused Ahead of the General Election

Yesterday, Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park called upon its group of Asian Short-Clawed Otters to help voters going to the polls by predicting the result of the upcoming General Election.

The duo, named Badger and Branston, were given the choice of two key candidates vying for the top job – Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.

Badger was quick to jump for Jeremy Corbin, whilst Branston took much longer to deliberate her vote. After much indecision, the furry voters predicted a hung parliament again this December.

Tamsin Mutton-McKnight, General Manager of SEA LIFE Weymouth, said: “While there was definitely something fishy about how the otters chose their favourite candidate, it was exciting to watch them get involved in making a fun political prediction. We look forward to finding out if their prediction was right when voters go to the polls this week.”

Other SEA LIFE Centres across the UK have also been taking part in the poll to find the top pick for PM.

Guests can visit SEA LIFE Weymouth’s Asian Short-Clawed Otters, at the Adventure Park in Lodmoor Country Park. For more information and to book tickets, visit

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